Catholic-Reformed Dialogue


Icon of Sts. Peter and Paul, Serbia, 13th c.

The Saint Benedict Forum brings the distinctive witness of the Catholic Church to an ecumenical conversation already underway at Hope College. Within the wider Christian community, the ecumenical movement is a movement toward the unity for which Christ himself prayed (John 17:22). The goal of the Catholic-Reformed Dialogue is to bring together Catholic and Reformed scholars to model and deepen a “dialogue of love” in which each tradition brings its own distinctive gifts to help each other pursue the truth and grow in the love of God and neighbor. This dialogue advances Hope College’s unique identity as an institution rooted in the Reformed tradition and ecumenical in character.

Recent Events:

Dr. Eduardo Echeverria, “Catholic and Reformed Ecumenism: Basis, Boundaries, and Benefits”

Coffee and Conversation with Bishop David Walkowiak