Lecture on Pope Francis with Dr. Eduardo Echeverria

DSC_0091The Saint Benedict Forum was pleased to welcome our friend Dr. Eduardo Echeverria, Professor of Philosophy and Systematic Theology at Sacred Heart Major Seminary who spoke on the topic of “Pope Francis’s Temptations: The Church in the Modern World” on Tuesday, September 29th, at Hope College in the Maas Conference Room (264 Columbia Ave).  The event was co-sponsored by the Our Sunday Visitor Institute and the Religion Department.
The video of the talk will be available soon.

With Pope Francis’s recent visit to the United States and Cuba, many have had an opportunity to learn more about this charismatic and yet humble pontiff.  Nevertheless, the pope is often confusing to many groups of people.  Many appreciate his concern for the environment, his clear opposition to the death penalty, and his devotion to the poor.  Yet, he is also a persistent defender of the traditional family, the right to life at every stage, and religious liberty.  Dr. Echeverria helped us understand what really animates Pope Francis and why he defies so many caricatures of the papacy and the Catholic Church.

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